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Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos

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Introducing the electrifying superstar of the plant world! With leaves that shimmer like disco balls under neon lights and a personality as vibrant as a summer sunset, the Neon Pothos is certain to brighten up your day and your space. Perfect for adding a pop of color to any room, this plant is the life of the party. Get ready to turn up the fun in your home jungle!

For those seeking a change from traditional green leaves, this pothos with its vibrant neon yellow leaves is an excellent option. The plant is adaptable and forgiving, making it ideal for novice gardeners. Its eye-catching vines can either trail or climb, allowing for easy customization of your living space aesthetics.

This plant is also known to remove VOCs and toxins from the air!

Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum

Origin: French Polynesia (Solomon Island)

Size: ~10" tall and a 6" pot.

Grows up to 10 feet long! 

Sunlight: Low to bright indirect light. Avoid direct light.

Watering frequency: Once a week

Do Not Ingest.

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