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Mini Monstera

Mini Monstera

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Meet the pocket-sized plant with a heart as big as his leaves! With all the charm of his larger counterpart packed into a compact package, the mini monstera is the ultimate green sidekick for any space. Whether perched on a desk or adorning a shelf, this little green plant brings smiles wherever it grows. Get ready to unleash the cuteness of this mini plant in your home jungle!

A popular choice known affectionately as the “mini monstera” or “Swiss cheese plant,” no collection is complete without this little gem. Native to Southern Thailand and Malaysia, this plant thrives in high humidity and warm temperatures but it can adapt to a variety of indoor environments.

Size: ~10-18" tall and a 4" pot.

Sunlight: Medium to bright indirect light.

Watering frequency: Once a week

Do not ingest. 

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